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Over the past year or so, with the explosive growth of the Defi industry, more and more crypto assets have started to enter the DeFi space. Lending, swapping, and stablecoin are considered the three fundamental applications supporting the DeFi industry. Compared to the constant iteration of stablecoin on the algorithmic…

On June 5, 2021, the Huobi Ecological Chain (HECO)’s first DeFi lending agreement, KIKA, which supports all HRC20 assets, will launch 3 tokens at the same time: ARPA, LBK, and NULS, and respectively reach strategic cooperation with the project party .

At 20:00 on June 5th (UTC+8) KIKA China CEO Prof Sun, ARPA Co-Founder&CGO Wildwood, NULS co-founder & community director Ran Xiaobo, and LBank blue shell community leader Ian Wu will attend the AMA panel event .Answer questions from users and share their industry insights.

There will be question time and lottery activities (super welfare package consisting of 4 tokens). Users are welcome to follow KIKA Twitter and leave a message to participate. Scan the code for AMA live broadcast into the group.

The year 2021 has brought a lot. Crypto prices have skyrocketed, the NFT market exploded, and DeFi continues to blow up, with a year-long almost uninterrupted surge. …

Kika protocol is a money market smart contract which supports all kinds of HRC20 tokens. Users can deposit any HRC20 token in the contract and gain interest yield from borrowers. Matching the demand of borrowing, users need to deposit supported assets as collateral before lending money from Kika.

According to…


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